Commercial Sponsorship and Partnership Program

The Sail in Asia One Design Regatta has a comprehensive Commercial Sponsorship and Partnership Program that enables corporate Asia to take part in the sailing world in SE Asia. Our company has been successful in attracting sponsorship from many well known corporate entities over the years.  The carousel of brand logos below gives you an idea of our success at running corporate events and team building, as well as attracting sponsorship.

The growing popularity of One Design Racing in Asia makes it the ideal platform for companies to increase their brand awareness and achieve marketing objectives in a dynamic expanding asian economy.

This is a completely unique new event in Asia - companies who associate themselves with SIA One Design Yacht Racing 2021 align themselves with an event that offers a very bright future, one that has huge growth potential and is both glamorous and visually exciting. These qualities will be attractive to companies who wish to be associated with high end sports and all that is associated with high net worth participants.

Check out our sponsorship packages and decide if they offer you a high end opportunity to engage in promotion of your companies exclusive products.  Our comprehensive sponsorship proposals are available for you to review. If you are interested please complete the application below and we will be delighted to send you full details and will be available to answer any questions you may have.