Phuket's One Design Regatta October 29th-31st 2022

Phuket's One Design Regatta is scheduled for October 2022. We have Platu sports boats, Pulse 600's, Farr 1104's and Firefly Catamarans racing. We invite potential Sponsors to consider this high profile sailing event for sponsorship, from their company.  The event will have huge impact on local sailing and will be attended by people from Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Japan.  Media interest will be high and give your company high quality representation and profile. We believe the event will have huge appeal to sailors and sponsors alike, as there is no One Design Regatta in Asia as yet and we are sure Phuket and your company will gain enormous prestige, from supporting the event.

Phuket's  One Design Regatta is scheduled for October 2022. The Platus, The Pulse 600's and the Farr 1104's are for charter at great rates. The One Design Regatta will be hosted by Sail in Asia Co Ltd and prizes will be awarded for each class that is sponsored.

The Platus and the Farr 1104s can be viewed on this site or also you are welcome to come and view the sports boats at Ao Yon Bay.  The Farr 1104's may also be viewed at this location.  Feel free to call into our Water Sports Centre and arrange a viewing of a yacht.

Platus One Design Racing in Ao Yon Bay


One Design Regatta Classes

There will be 4 classes competing in the racing. The four classes represent mono hull yachts, sports boats, catamarans and trimarans. The Firefly Class entries will be warmly received and Java Sailing has committed to putting their fleet of Pulse 600’s in the regatta. Firefly catamarans are mainly owner represented but there are boats available for charter we believe.

One Design Regatta Classes – Yacht Entry Fees

There will be 5 classes competing in the racing. Fees are as  follows:

Pulse 600 entry fee is 6000THB

Platu 25 entry fee is 6000THB

Firefly Sports Catamaran is 7500THB

Stealth Catamaran entry fee is 7500THB

Farr 1104 entry fee is 7500THB

One Design Regatta Classes – Yacht Charter Fees

Yacht Charter Fees are as  follows:

Pulse 600 Charter fee is 15000THB.  * A security deposit is required

Platu 25 Charter fee is 15000THB

Firefly Sports Catamaran is available – details on request

Farr 1104 Charter Fee is 25000THB


Farr 1104 entry fee is 7500THB