Sponsorship Opportunities for One Design Yacht Racing

SIA One Design Yacht Regatta - October 29th - 31st  2022

Sponsor One Design Racing: It is probably the most enjoyable and interesting of all types of yacht racing because the yachts are all the same and its like playing chess on water. The winners are almost always the best teams, rather than the lucky sailors, or best financed. Hence the popularity of this type of yacht racing.

We are pleased to be the first regatta in Thailand to have only One Design Yachts competing with each other.  Our October regatta is scheduled for the windy month and for a gap in the racing calendar.  We have invited 4 classes to compete in the inaugural event.  Two mono hull classes and two multihull classes.

Our Platu One Design Class will probably be the biggest class and we hope to have another big favourite – the Firefly class.

Ao Yon Bay is located on SE Phuket Island.  It is a perfect location for the development of this annual regatta and keen local interest and support will ensure a truly amazing festival of sport and fun.

Our Sponsorship packages have been designed to include different levels in order to achieve maximum local and international participation and comprise the following packages:


SIA One Design Yacht Regatta Sponsorship Packages

Title Sponsor

Only one sponsor who has the naming rights to the Regatta


Major Sponsors

Up to 3 sponsors with the rights to name the different Day Races or the various entertainments and parties that comprise the Regatta events


Co Sponsors

Six Local company and association teams who will use this perfect event for team building and networking possibilities and as a healthy reward for their members


Official Suppliers

Up to 10 Official Suppliers who will provide goods and services that are essential to the event


Media Partners

Up to 5 Media Partners


Sponsorship benefits


  • Benefits to the sponsor include:


  • Image enhancement – Association with the only ONE DESIGN REGATTA in Asia.


  • Brand exposure – raising brand awareness of products and services with elite high net earning customers and their families


  • Hospitality opportunities – entertaining target audiences, both internally and externally


  • Integrated Marketing – worldwide media exposure


  • Networking with business leaders


  • Close association with healthy lifestyle and community responsibility